Focus9 Ltd. est heureuse d'annoncer que Assia Sidhoum a obtenir une bourse d'études avec l'équipe de soccer de la femme de l'Université Niagara pour la saison 2015-2016. Assia a été membre de l'Académie de Soccer élite Focus9 et a formé intensivement avec Patrick Di Stefani en préparation pour cette occasion.

Assia has certainly put in a great deal of time and made many sacrifices to get to this level and as a result we are certain that she will perform well.
Assia states that, ``when I started playing at the AAA level at the age of 13. Patrick Di Stefani was the Technical Director of Kodiak Charlesbourg Club where I played at the time. Already at that time he took me under his wing and began to train me with a vision and a purpose. 4 years later he prepared me for entry to Shattuck in the USA and my goal was quickly achieved. Working out with Patrick Di Stefani was not an easy thing to do. But with hard work and dedication, I’m able now to fulfill my long-time dream. A month ago, Coach Patrick was there again to help me to make the right choice with different universities that had expressed interest in me. Coach Patrick who is enthusiast and who knows what he is doing and where he is taking his players. His knowledge in soccer and his understanding in high performance environment helped me to secure my scholarship. I will definitely recommend focus9 and coach Patrick to any serious athlete who has the desire to perform and train at the highest level``.
Patrick Di Stefani and Focus9 would like to congratulate Assia on this latest achievement in her player career. I’m certain that Assia will perform well and make us all proud of her achievement, and to bring credit and recognition to Focus9 Ltd. Soccer Academy.
Focus9 Ltd Soccer Academy is proud to be part of her accomplishments!


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